Wolf Creek Apiaries, LLC is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Western Middle Tennessee in the Duck River Valley, with a cute little beagle in the front yard.

We are dedicated to the organic management of bees. Our stock is derived from the wild feral stock of the Duck River Basin. We add a little Russian genetics, so that the bees will fly at 38 degrees if the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing. Some Italian genetics are added for honey production. The gentleness and winter handiness of the bees is achieved from the addition of Carniolan genetics. The result is a gentle bee that is a good honey producer.

The honey bees of today are not native to North America but were brought over from Europe by the settlers. The Indians of that time period called the bee, "The white man’s flies". By most accounts they were introduced in the 1600’s. They were believed to be the Dark German Bees or Black Bees.

This bee lost favor to the Italian Bees because of their easy temperament in the 1850’s and has not been imported since then. (The Black Bees don’t like to share their honey.) From time to time, the Black Bees can still be seen in the Duck River Basin.

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